About Us

We are a Tasmanian owned and operated tree service company, serving the city of Hobart and surroundings in last few years. Our crew are well trained and experienced. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We want to serve you now and in the future.

We take down big or small trees much faster than your typical tree company because we value your time and work hard to finish the job quickly and safely. We understand the use of our loud equipment can be a nuisance to you and your neighbours. This is why through the years we have trained a crew that are very good at what they do to ensure that your big trees get taken out faster than you ever imagined that will surely impress you. And we clean up afterwards, leaving no trace of there ever being tree work done, your unwanted trees are gone as if by magic!

We are very honest and fair with our quotes. We believe one of the main reasons why we are loved by many is because homeowners can easily tell we are very honest when it comes to our quotation of various tree care service. If a tree does not need to be removed, we will be honest about it and suggest a simple tree trim job that will save you lots of money. We are more interested in keeping our customers happy, and this includes quoting a very fair price every time. We feel a sense of duty to fulfil great customer service to our community so we want to keep the tree removal costs as affordable as possible for you guys.